6 Tips to Get Your Blog Accepted by Google AdSense

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6 Tips for Getting Blogs to be accepted by Google AdSense, Actually it’s still not clear, maybe you’ve been looking for tips on the internet or something else. However, there are many sites that make you not optimistic when registering for Google Adsense, including myself.

So I thought that I would not be accepted by google adsense, even though I had read articles on the internet. It even makes me doubt, because many people say that if you want to be accepted by Google Adsense, you must have a lean Alexa, you must have lots of backlinks, there must be an about page, contact, privacy policy, lots of visitors, at least 6 months old. I don’t think so

Because my blog has been accepted by google adsense, even though it was rejected. But it was only once, and my second blog submission was accepted. For the rejection email, you can see the screenshot that I have included below, and it turns out that the reason is Low Value Content.

Since there was a reason for Low Value Content, I still didn’t give up, then I immediately re-submitted with no time gap. Which means that after being rejected, I immediately resubmitted, then after a few days my blog was accepted by Google Adsense, I have included a screenshot below.

Then what things do I do when I register with Google Adsense?.

6 Tips to Get Your Blog Accepted by Google AdSense

6 Tips to Get Your Blog Accepted by Google AdSense

1. Create Original Articles

6 Tips to Get Your Blog Accepted by Google AdSense, In order for your blog to receive Google Adsense, you must make original articles, it is very mandatory if you want to be accepted by Google Adsense, even though the rewrite results do not matter. As long as the rewrite results you apply are correct, and never copy-paste other people’s articles, because it will have a bad impact on your site. If you are really serious in the world of bloggers, then make an original article. Even though your writing is not good, over time it will definitely look professional

2. Use Responsive Templates

Responsive templates in my opinion are templates that can be viewed on any device such as desktop, mobile, and also tablets. The template I use is the Premium Median UI Template, or you can use the Funnel Seo Blogger Template, or you can use the EvoFlex Blogger Template so that your site has a very cool design.

3. No Dead Links

If you register the EvoFlex Blogger Template to google adsense, then you can see if your blog has a dead link or a 404. You can check it in the Broken Link Checker, if your site does not have a dead link then you can register your blog to google adsense. Dead links usually appear when you use a pirated template or you change the domain to a new one

4. Use Widgets Moderately

Using Widgets to taste in my opinion is that you only use Popular Posts, Recent Posts, and Labels. And don’t use other widgets like decoration, sponsored, or whatever. When you have been accepted by Google Adsense then you can use other widgets

5. Use TLD Domains

If you are really serious in the blog world, it would be nice if you use a TLD domain. You can also choose a TLD domain such as .my.id because the domain is very cheap, for the extension of the .my.id domain it is only 1o$. You can buy a domain at NiagaHoster

If you are not using a TLD domain, or you are still using a subdomain of blogspot.com, then you will have to wait 6 months to register with google adsense. If you really don’t have capital, you can use or get the eu.org domain for free

6. Visitor Source

To register for google adsense, it would be nice if you look for traffic whose visitors come from google. My own traffic is more than google, even though your views are only 30 seeds it’s not a problem, and reduce sharing your blog to social media if you want to be quickly accepted by google adsense

The description above I wrote according to my personal experience, and did not see it from any source. Most likely if you follow the steps above will be accepted by google adsense. If you have any questions regarding the article above, please ask in the comments column.

May be useful 6 Tips to Get Your Blog Accepted by Google AdSense