Daihatsu Relaxes Sirion Sales Lose Far from LCGC Cars

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Bungomedia – Daihatsu Relaxes Sirion Sales Lose Far from LCGC Cars – In addition to low cost green cars, Indonesian people are now presented with various models of urban cars. In terms of price, city cars are generally priced more expensive than the LCGC which is currently available in a choice of hatchback and MPV models.

According to the Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, Amelia Tjandra, although it is almost the same, it is not worried that the city car will be eroded by the LCGC, considering that the dimensions and prices are not much different.

“It’s not a concern, each car segment has a market. So in us this is a city car because the price is outside the LCGC, but it’s not big enough,” said Amel in Jakarta some time ago.

Currently, said Amel, fans of small cars for urban areas in Indonesia still exist. Moreover, with the new products presented by brand holder agents, consumers have a variety of choices


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