Enjoying Water Playgrounds in Sukabumi

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Enjoying Water Playgrounds in Sukabumi, While looking for writing ideas, my friend and I decided to try the nearest water playground, namely Santa Sea WaterPark. We left for the location on Friday (6/5) at 11.00 WIB using an online motorcycle taxi service.

Don’t forget to bring supplies before leaving, such as boiled eggs, biscuits, hot water, and coffee.

Before deciding to go to this vehicle, we first asked their contact via Whatsapp.

Through Whatsapp, the contact person stated that the rides were open from 09.00 WIB to 15.00 WIB.

The ticket price is quite affordable. For the current holiday season, these rides charge fifty thousand rupiah per person. For weekends, the ticket price to pay is fifty thousand rupiah per person.

Enjoying Water Playgrounds in Sukabumi

Meanwhile, on weekdays, visitors only need to pay a ticket of thirty-five thousand rupiah per person.

With the ticket price, visitors are free to try all the rides. If you want to rent other facilities, visitors need to pay for each of these facilities.

Enjoying Water Playgrounds in Sukabumi, For large lockers, visitors must pay a rental fee of fifteen thousand rupiahs, small lockers of ten thousand rupiahs, float tires of twenty thousand rupiahs, gazebo of sixty thousand rupiahs, and Cabanas of fifty thousand rupiahs.

After paying for the tickets, we went straight to the slide. While climbing some stairs, we saw the beauty around the beautiful and cool rides. We tried this ride many times.

Enjoying Water Playgrounds in Sukabumi
Santasea Waterpark

The sun is getting hotter, our stomachs are getting hungry. We decided to take a short break while enjoying the chicken penyet that was served by the owner of the restaurant.

While enjoying lunch, suddenly the manager of the ride announced that the bubble bath ride would start soon.

A number of parents ran to bring their children to the location of the rides. From a distance, it looks like the children really enjoy the foam sprinkles.

After finishing lunch, we immediately headed to the wave pool. The waves are not too big because many children are playing there.

While enjoying the waves, we took pictures with various styles like professional models and photographers.

We laughed happily because we became a spectacle for almost all visitors to the wave pool.

I didn’t realize it was already 15.00 WIB. We quickly cleaned up and showered before going home. The bathroom provided is quite clean and the water is also smooth.

After we finished, we ordered an online motorcycle taxi to the biggest shopping center in Sukabumi to shop for some equipment.

For those who want to visit this water playground, try to contact Santa Sea Water Park first to find out operating hours, ticket prices, and available promos.

Wahana which is located on Jl. Lio Santa, Gedongpanjang, Kec. Citamiang, Sukabumi City, West Java is a suitable tourist spot to enjoy moments with family.

Enjoying Water Playgrounds in Sukabumi

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