PPP Strategy Wins Ganjar and Gus Yasin Duet

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Bungomedia – PPP Strategy Wins Ganjar and Gus Yasin Duet

The United Development Party (PPP) continues to heat up the political engine to win the candidate pair Ganjar Pranowo-Taj Yasin Maimoen or Gus Yasin.

One of them is by holding a regional coordination meeting (Rakorwil) for the Central Java PPP Regional Management Board.

The Regional Coordination Meeting was attended by the Chairperson of the PPP Sharia Council, Maimoen Zubair, and the candidate for Deputy Governor of Central Java, Taj Yasin Maimoen.

The General Chairperson of the PPP DPP Muhammad Romahurmuziy or Romi was immediately present at the opening of the regional coordination meeting.

On that occasion, he emphasized that he would continue to move to consolidate.

“We are instructed to continue to consolidate the three elements of the structural, party culture, and the three elements of the figure,” Romi said in his statement, Monday, February 19 2018.

For him, PPP cannot be separated from cultural elements with two mass organizations, namely Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah.

So, Romi said, it is important for the winning team and candidate pairs to continue to communicate with NU and Muhammadiyah. By target, PPP wants to donate 2.5 million votes for the Ganjar-Yasin pair.