Recipes Chicken Opor for Eid

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Recipes Chicken Opor for Eid – Eid without Chicken Opor at the dinner table, it doesn’t feel right. Combined with rendang, sambal goreng ati, gulai chickpeas or chayote, Opor Ayam is the perfect complement to a meal with ketupat.

There are many recipes for Opor Ayam, but we will show you a simple recipe: both the ingredients and how to make it, but the results are very satisfying.

Are you getting ready to make Chicken Opor for tomorrow’s Eid Mubarok? Here is a recipe you can rely on.

Recipes Chicken Opor for Eid

Ingredients :

  • Ayam 1 kg (potong sesuai selera)
  • Santan 65 ml
  • Air 1 liter
  • Garam secukupnya
  • Gula pasir 1 sdt
  • Air jeruk nipis 1sdm
  • Barang goreng untuk taburan
  • Minyak goreng


  • Sereh 2 batang, geprek
  • Daun salam 3 lembar
  • Lengkuas 3 cm, geprek

Ground spices:

  • Bawang putih 5 siung
  • Bawang merah 7 siung
  • Kemiri 5 butir (sangrai dulu)
  • Jahe 2 ruas
  • Merica ½ sdt

How to make Recipes Chicken Opor for Eid:

Wash the chicken and then marinate with lime and a pinch of salt for about 10 minutes. Wash clean, drain.

Fry the chicken briefly until slightly brown, remove. Drain well.

Saute ground spices with a little oil until fragrant. Add chicken, mix well. Add the ground spices, mix well. Add water, let it boil. Then add salt and sugar.

After the chicken is slightly tender, add the coconut milk, stirring constantly until it boils, so that the coconut milk does not break. Taste check.

After the chicken is cooked, take it out.

Serve sprinkled with fried onions on top.***